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Photo Gallery: (August 2001) Meeram Janni -Mushk Puri , Pipe line Track,-Kala Bagh,- Nathia Gali
The Team:  Colt-Sharp Shooter Maggy,Sniper Wolf Koobs-Lady Killer-Ninja-Cobra-TwoTango

arival.jpg (112484 bytes)



Arrival at the Base Camp

magi_warning.jpg (141126 bytes)




Heading Towards the

pipelinetrek.jpg (159122 bytes)



On the Pipe Line Track

unloaing.jpg (132205 bytes)



 Preparing for the cold and 
windy night

tentfixing.jpg (142794 bytes)




 Cobra  taking out sleeping bags while Colt & 2 Tango fixing the tents


helping_2tango.jpg (134917 bytes)



Maggy trying his best to save 
2Tango from falling in to ditch,
 while Colt n cobra watching 

undertheesun.jpg (113075 bytes)
Team relaxing under the warm sun


fallen.jpg (118220 bytes)



2Tango falling down while  
Cobra trying his best to save

breakfast.jpg (26715 bytes)




Planning for the cheese omelet in the cold and the misty morning

campfire.jpg (79097 bytes)



Hungry Hawks waiting for the 
Baked Potato


afternoon.jpg (109996 bytes)



LadyKiller, SharpShooter ,SniperWolf, Koobs, Colt , Maggy and Two Tango relaxing
 under the warm sun

treking.jpg (73628 bytes)




Koobs n Colt heading towards 
the destination while, Sniper
Wolf , Maggy and Cobra
 catching the breath 

pipelinetrack.jpg (132865 bytes)


Team catching the breath after a long hike


possing.jpg (83475 bytes)




If looks could Kill

hiking.jpg (133282 bytes)



Steep Hike

danger.jpg (94454 bytes)




Danger Ahead
Hiding from the animals


intent.jpg (77431 bytes)



Dead Tired after along and a busy day


tango_in_jungle.jpg (117516 bytes)




Two Tango Leading from the front

relaxed_hawks.jpg (88026 bytes)




Back to Base Camp


cobraonmove.jpg (147813 bytes)



Lost Cobra

night.jpg (74637 bytes)



Colt n Cobra


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