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Photo Gallery:
  Fairy Meadows-Base Camp Nanga Parbat, Beal Camp - Tatto

The Team:    
Sniper - Diesel - Cougar - Gladiator- Fire Man - Cobra - TwoTang

Expedition: 2002

View of Nanga Parbat From 
Beal Valley

View of Nanga Parbat From 
Fairy Meadows

Camp site between Beal valley and base camp


END of the road - start hiking- Tatoo_ hiking starts from here 

Equally distributing the weight ..Remember start slowly , the track is steep, save energy.

Gladiator and Cougar crossing the Tatto bridge 

 Hiking track from Tatoo to Fairy Meadows. 

Diesel cutting onions&tomatoes for  lunch-Nanga Parbat completely covered in the clouds in the background

Afternoon , 2Tango communicating Through wireless with Cobra who is some where in search for a better camping spot.

Hawks Ready to advance towards the base camp.
(Nanga Parbat covered in clouds)

Rockhawks leaving Fairy meadows for the Base Camp.

The Killer Mountain
Lush green Meadows, wild horses, Pine trees and Nanga Parbat

 Team busy in cooking Spaghettis, with sausages and tomato sauce

 Fairy Meadows .We recommend to camp here .U can say this is the original Fairy Meadows.

Jeep track from Rai kot To Tatoo. Difficult track especially in rainy weather

(Baked Beans)
Tango regaining energy after the fever

A small but beautiful lake at Fairy Meadows... cross big logs of trees to reach there. Beautiful camp site...No to be missed

Entering the Beal Valley (camp)

Hanging Bridge ( view From KKH...road to Sakardu.

Breath Taking view of Nanga Parbat.(the night was really cold)

Cougar & Fire man
 working hard on lamb roast and mutton karrahi. 

Roasted Leg & Karahi Gosht Can wait any more. 
Cougar you are a great.
Captain cook u cant under estimate his cooking.

Camp site between Beal valley and base camp. Preparing our dinner before the thunder storm.
Thanks to Cougar - for the delicious lamb roast and mutton karahi

After the dinner we had to camouflage the reaming food and used pans on the tree top in the jungle to avoid the beast invasions in our camps.

Cobra - Strong Defense against the wind - suffering from fever but still doing his job .

View of the camp from the  spot where  we camouflaged our food stuff on the tree, it was dark windy and rainy night .

2Tango and Cobra playing cricket in Beal Valley

Beautiful sunny morning , Cobra relaxing after fever. Sniper & Cougar making their minds to go ahead with the team or not  

Entering the Beal Valley (Camp)
We decided not to stay here and cross it. But this place is ultimate.

Glaciers with Huge snow cones. you have to track along the cones to reach the base camp 

View Point _after Beal camp. To reach  base camp either descend from this opening or go up hill

Back packing after the breakfast (Omelet & Parathas).
This is the  1st camp at Fairy meadows (We recommend 2nd camp or the lake for camping

Two Tango -Nanga Parbat from Fairy Meadows

First morning at Fairy Meadows 
Final preparations for Beal Camp

Fire man _Off course he cant stay away fromfire for two Long. (Fairy Meadows second camp)

early morning avalanche at The Parbat-it was amazing , we could hardly  capture the last moments in our movie cam

This is the last open valley before Base camp. U can camp here cause u can find water here. If u ve enough water supplies u can camp at view point as well. which is after an hours track

After missing the plane, we decided to go in Natco Bus .It took 20 hours to reach Gilgit - we were almost dead at the start of the expedition

This is  a killer

Beal Valley.

Junction point of Himalayas
Hindukush, Karakaram , river Gilgit and Khunjrab

Only Place in the world.
Junction point of Himalayas
Hindukush, Karakaram , river Gilgit and Khunjrab

A group photo at the track

This is the place where three mightiest ranges meet together

 Track to Fairy Meadows. Gladiator looks enthusiastic at the back -(Youngest member of rockhawks)


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