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Expedition:  2003 
(Part - 1)
Date:           23rd July - 1st Aug,03

Photo Gallery     Astor - Rama Valley - Rama Lake
The Team:          Eddie - Qad - Fireman - Cobra - TwoTango

Jeep Track-Gilgit to Astor-bit dangerous and often closed. Traveling time apx.6 hours.
Requires good jeep and expert driver. Be prepared for emergency night stop over.

Lush green Astor Valley.
Last place  for shopping (kerosen oil- vegetables- refill gas stove etc.. Electricity available-can charge your camera's  batteries here.

Entrance of Rama Valley. Rama Valley- 1 hr jeep track from Astor. here u can find PTDC resort. For best  camping spots move to second valley 

We recommend to camp in the second valley. Safe Place -Hikers also camp in the woods. Fetch water from the river at the back. Don't forget to take along water purifiers- Available on medical stores.  Collect pine cones to make fire. 

2nd Valley- Best for camping-can find boulders for  emergency shelter - plenty of river water at the back -woods are mostly wet but use pine to make fire.

 In the morning Hike the nearest  mountain for the exotic views of the valley. Its under stood that jeep drivers or porters don't share your tents at night.He will sleep in the jeep. but you can always offer them if you can....

Track to Rama Lake -Tracking time 1:30 hrs. bit steep. will find no water on the way. Must fill your water bottles in Rama  valley.

On your way to Rama Lake must take short Breaks , Dont try to make it in one stretch. Your Hiking Shoes must be in good conditions. 

Camp site in Rama. Nights are really cold . If you don't want to cook. then you can buy food from nearest TDCP resort.

Rama Glacier-after approx.2 hrs steep hike-very slippery - no need of crampons or special equipment.

2nd Glacier you  need to cross
2 glaciers to reach the lake.

Last small lake before the rama lake. From here track is not very steep.

Rama Lake. Surrounded by mountains from three sides. If u want to camp here then be well prepared about the cold and windy nights. No woods at all

Rama Lake - Ali

We use your air mattress pump to make fire. Always assign this task to  toughest member. Take along soup and yakhni sachets for instant energy. 

Rama valley is best for acclimatization. Wear warm clothes in the evening even if its not that cold. while you are out zip your tents properly to avoid the invasion of insects.. 

Karakoram Highway. Coming from Gilgit. from Gilgit to Bunji its a proper road( 1 hour). 
Bunji to Astor very rough jeep Track(4 Hours). If track is in bad conditions, then don't take unnecessary stops. Try to cross as quick as possible. In case of of landslide you will be in the middle of noware (status in 2003)

View of Rama Valley from  Rama Lake track. Green patch  shown in the poto is best for camping. Jeeps can also go till 1st  rama glacier. but we did it on foot and took us 2hrs(without rucksacks).

Rama Valley- If u are traveling in jeep then its highly recommended to take along gas stove. Also Take  gas lamp rod and lots of Mental for the light. Easily available in all cities and towns of Pakistan. 

Rama Lake- Good spot for fishing .Can find trout here. Best time for fishing Sun Rise and Sun Set. Use small size Spinners.


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