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Expedition:  2003  (Part - 2)   
Date:           23 July 03 - 01 August 03


Photo Gallery      Trishing - Rupal Valley to Herligkofer Base Camp (Nanga Parbat south face) 
The Team:          Eddie - Qad - Fireman - Cobra - TwoTango


Rama to Trishing jeep track -3hrs-track condition is very rough. There is only one hotel in trishing(Hotel Nanga Parbat). Managment is very cooperative. Chef can cook all types of food.

Trishing Valey.  climber accli -matize before climbing The Nanga Parbat(South Face).
No electricity. Only one or two very small shops. Hotel mangment people will can arange porters.

Trishing To Herlikofer Base Camp Nanga Partbat. tarck time app.6 hrs. We highly recommend not to carry your rucksacks. Hire porter along with donkey. Start early in the morning. Hike slowly and save energy.

Trishing Glacier crossing time 30 minutes. 
No need of crampons but good hiking boots are necessary.
1st descend is very steep.
Refresh your water bottles where every find stream. Pore some energile for energy.

Crossing Rupal Valey-highly recommended   to hire porter and a donkeyin Trishing. Poter along  his donkey charged us aporx. 2000(both ways for 60 kg in 2003).You need to provide him with food and shelter.

Another  exotic view of Rupal Valley.Must be equipped with proper medical kit, especially pain killers, Ors etc. Rupal valley is quiet long. You will ve to cross through the Rupal village.

Rupal village ahead. Steep descend - cross the village and some plain area and then steep hike. Valley crossing time app 3 hrs. keep the porters with you . Other wise it will be very difficult for you to catch him

Finally at Herligkofer Base Camp (north view). Take a small rest and fix your tents as quickly as possible because of unpredictable weather. Use plenty of tent Pegs cause of fast wind.

Herlikofer Camp. After fixing tent take a long rest before any activity, other wise u might get exhausted or get  sick after a long hike  - Make sure to camp a long before sunset. Collect lots of wood and dig or find a 1ft deep whole to make fire - cause of fast wind.

We were  lucky then to find  company there. We met Subaidar Rustam Khan instructor of Pak Army's Commandos for snow survival course. On our arrival he offered us the best  ever rice  plate of our lives 

Eddie and Cobra - Nanga Parbat on the front track to Latobeh Palins on the Left.

Herligkofer base camp


Back Track-after lunch at Rupal Village


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