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Expedition:  2003  (Part - 3) 
Date:      23 July 03 - 01 August 03

Photo Gallery      Deosai Plains - Sheosar Lake - Bara Panni -  Satpara lake - Skardu
The Team:                 Eddie - Qad - Fireman - Cobra - TwoTango

GoriKot-From Astor to Chilum Chokki(Army base).
Jeep Traveling time apprx.3-4 hrs. Road was under construction in 2003. Chilum is entrance to Deosai.  Electricity and shops/small restaurants availablein chilum.

Chilum TO Deosai. Muddy Track but smooth can be slippery in rainy season, but not dangerous. First good camping spot is Sheosar Lake. Will find lots of rabbit like marmots  on the track.

Clear Blue Skies of Deosai-  No trees -  Carry wood to make fire at the lake Be well prepared for the war against  mosquitoes, carry light gloves or any  insect repellant. We recommend Mospil

Sheosar Lake - It is beautiful. Surrounded by small lush green mountains. Best camping spot. A small walk in east will take you to Chakor  pass.

Ideal for surfing. Lots of fish. Don't use spinner. Have last view of Nanga Parbat form Here. Lake  is medium in size and quiet deep. water is crystal clear but really cold. Looks beautiful in the sunny days. Will Hardly find any human in this area.

Sheoasar Lake Chakor Pass ahead. Try to camp at the north side of the lake. Cause u can find big square hollow out  area. Try to camp in the square to prevent your tents from strong heavy winds   

Very famous Bridge of Bara Panni. Deoasi National Park (Bears) territory starts from here. In the photo can see the tents of Himalayan Bears Organization. Take their help for bear watching. They are really nice people. Don't forget to present them some gift.

fishing at Bara Panni. Qad displaying the doubtful catch of  2Tango). Best time for fishing Dusk & Dawn. If the night is windy dig a 1.5 feet hole and make fire in it. keep the  tent's covers closed all the time to avoid  invasion of deadly mosquitoes

Nights are very cold. even in jully the temperature goes to freezing point. Must have good water proof tents and good warm Clothing.

Bara Panni Suspension Bridge. Get off from the jeep while crossing. Bridge is ideal for fishing. Learn the technique from the locals.

 Dinner At Barapani - there is small tent hotel. From here u can get food. 1 kg chciken cost Rs 300. or u can also get fresh fish. we used our own tin food and bought chapattis and tea from here. 

Deosai River at Bara Panni.

Hamaliyan bear Organization. Mr. Yasen was the incharge. He really helped us in bear watching. Must take their permission. Take along your jeep. They will take you deep into the Park for bear watching.

Bear watching- After 20-30 minutes jeep track you hike to the closet hill and start searching. Tthere were 32 Bears in the yr 2003. If you are lucky u can find some. 

some time they are very far. Binocular is a must. Try to concentrate on the green patches 

2Tango-Eddie-Qad-Cobra Together at Barra Panni.

Track to Skardu- track condition: very rough and really dangerous. Expert driver is a compulsion. Traveling time from Barra Panni to Skardu 4 Hours.

Satpara Lake- Close to Skardu  touch this Fish Paradise. Its Huge and beautiful. Know as Paradise for Trout fishing. we didn't stop here -were really taxed & getting late for PIA booking- just crossed the lake.

Only 20-25 minutes drive from Skardu.

Sun Set in Rupal Valley.




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