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Expedition:  2004
Date:           September -05

Photo Gallery      Kafir Kalash-Mastooj-Shandor-Gupis (Ghizer Valley)
The Team:          Eddie -  Cobra - TwoTango
Route:                 Lahore-Peshawar-Chitral-Kafir Kalash-Mastooj-Shandoor-Langar-Gupis-Gilgit-Lahore

Cobra at the Handrap Lake


Ariel view of majestic Handrap Village

Tango catching TROUT on the way to Handrap Lake


Crossing Langer-Towards Handrap Valley

Ariel View of Handrap Village- Bridge of Handrap is mostly broken. Check the status in Chitral before leaving. 2 Hours jeep track from Shandor

Track to Handrap Lake -4 hours track from the village-not very steep. No village on the way. 


Track to Handrap Lake- looking back towards  the village

Handrap Valley

At the Handrap Lake

Take along your proper food and camping  & fishing equipment.

Morning -The night was really cold. There were too many mosquitoes. Don't forget the mosquito repellant.

Lake is full of Large Trouts - Must take along the fishing rod and spinner.

Yaks grazing in Handrap Village 

Bamburt Valley_Chitral- View from

TDCP Resort-Kalash, best place to stay. Rtaes were Rs Aprx. 1500/- per night
Kalashi Girl at TDCP
crossing Langer- descending from Shandoor top

Royal apple gardens at Mastooj

Mastooj-TDCP - Veru nice place to stay

Kids at Handrap Village

Deserted Shandoor Polo ground just after the winters

Shandoor Top

Shandoor Top

Shandoor Top

Shandoor Lake

Tango catchin another trout at Khalti Lake-Gupis

Khalti Lake -Gupis

Khalti Lake -Gupis

Beautiful Phandar Lake



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