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Bandi Abas Pur

EARTHQUAKE- Pakistan (0ctober 8,  2005)

MISSION # 1   Bandi Abas Pur-Kashmir
Mission :    Relief & Rescue Operation
Mission Date:       11 October-05  to 16 October-05
Bandi Abbas Pur, Pounch Sector, Kashmir, Pakistan
Route:            Lahore-Rawalpindi-Kahouta-Rawalakot-Hanjira-Bandi  Abas pur
The Team:       Pierre Jolit, Dr. Khurram, Inam, Dr. Shabir, Dr. Usman, Dr. Abass, Jimmy, DarSahib, Dr. Inam, Dr.Mudassar, Jahanzeb,,  Shanni, Fireman, Eddie,  Cobra, TwoTango and others

Final preparation at relief camp-

Final words with the team at Lahore relief camp

 Regrouping the convoy  some where in Himalayas-Kashmir  

Bandi Abas Pur - KASHMIR - Punch Sector)

We were all enjoying our Saturday when disaster struck at around 8:55 am on that dreadful morning of 8th October, 2005. After that moment, life as we know it, does not exist anymore for so many of us. In the beginning, like everyone else we also were not aware of the magnitude and scale of devastation the earthquake had caused. It took us a couple of days to realize what actually had happened. By then we had made up our minds that we have to contribute in any which way we can. 

The immediate call to friends and family gave us a lot of encouragement and by the time we left for Rawalakot, AJK we had 10 truck loads of relief goods, a mobile operation theatre, 6 doctors and 21 volunteers. We were directed by the CO Rawalakot to go to Bandi Abbas pur, a remote town 10 kms short of the LOC and 3 ½ hours drive from Rawalakot.

  We reached Bandi Abbas pur at around noon and were given support by the CO, who provided us with 6 guards and a huge space in the lawn of a broken down degree college for women. We immediately set about setting up our equipment and tents etc. and a steady flow of patients and earthquake affectees started coming in almost immediately.

  The next day, we sent out a team up in the mountains making announcements that a medical and relief camp has been set up. The team which had 2 doctors as well, also treated a lot of patients on the spot as most of the patients were not able to travel down to our camp. The serious ones were brought back to the camp and slips were issued to the most deserving so that they could collect food items and medical supplies from our camp.

During our 3 day camp, on an average around 1000 to 1100 patients were treated with the following detail:
Surgical patients            200
Fractures                      15-20
Infected wounds            45-50

The remaining patients were with wounds needing dressings and medical patients were mostly with RTI, cough, pain & aches and some with diorrehea and gastrointitis.
The other major activity was the distribution of relief goods among the affectees.

The truck loads contained items for around 500 families with the following detail:

Tents, tarpals and plastic sheets
Blankets and Quilts
Warm clothes (Jackets, Sweaters, Shoes and socks)
Food items (Flour, Milk, Cooking Oil, Rice, Sugar, Pulses, Bottled water, Juices, Biscuits, Tea etc.)
Lanterns, Candles & Matches

If the CO had not lent his support to us, it would have been almost impossible for us to accomplish what we did in 3 days. The locals were quite non cooperative and we were amazed to see their response in even such trying circumstances. They treated us as if we were from another country, literally, and were not at all appreciative of our efforts. At the same time there were some local individuals who went out of their way to support us but on the whole the response was quite disappointing.

 We would like to thank all our supporters who contributed in the form of cash and kind, army team and Dar sahib in Bandi without which, this effort would not have been a success. But the work has just begun and we would continue to ask you to more support as the rehabilitation work is going to a lot longer then expected.

Relief convoy crossing Hanjira-Kashmir

cobra & 2Tango discussing with the captain for the suitable place for setting up the field hospital

It was impossible for us to unload and distribute the relief load of 10 trucks-army Jawans gav us every possible support

unloading the trucks-in the ground of destroyed women college.

Our camp-storage room on left-hospital & dispensary on right and team tents-destroyed women college in the back ground-eight girls died in this building.

surgical patients were treated inside the hospital (white camp-and OPD patients and goods distribution out side under the umbrellas 

Our first patient -Our own team member, who fell from the truck and broke his leg-Sureon Shabir & Abbas working on his leg in the open as the field hospital was not ready yet

after hearing the news of field hospital in Bandi, villagers use to bring serious patients on charpai -In some case it took them 8-10 hours to reach the  camp from the mountains 

Dr. Usman, shabir & Inam fixing plaster on a broken arm while Dr khurram and Dr. Mudassar looking after others 

Dr Inam& Dr. Abbas treating a face injury 

another injured boy ...another worried father.

how long will they survive on the food and supplies we brought…?
May Allah bless us all.

Inam checking the OPD patients - his team of pharmacist and volunteers from Islamabad/pindi was a great support through out the operation 

Talking to the media team along with the son of Prime minister of Kashmir

Checking coupons & distributing the relief goods-Coupons were  issued by our team after the survey of their destroyed villages

Helpless father & unconscious daughter after the surgery

Distribution camp - Milk, flour, biscuits, dates, maze, feeders, oil, blankets, tents, warm clothes, shoes, lanterns, candles, juices, fruit, kerosene  etc.  

Shani-setting up the camp 

CO deployed the army Jawans  to control the frustrated, needy and injured people and some looters as well  

Some energy after the treatment

Most of the patients were children, mostly with head and face injuries

Our camp was destroyed after a massive rain storm on the 3rd night.

Camp was destroyed completely but we managed to save almost 100% of our medicines and relief goods from the rain

After the storm we were forced to shift our medical camp to the remnants of destroyed women college-Though it was very dangerous but we had no choice

Under construction Hospital of Bandi Abaspur- which is now used as the main storage of relief goods by the army 

Eddie & Dr. Inam  treating in the Veranda of the collapsed building while others taking care of administrative issues

Fireman & destroyed camp and college -lonely waiting for PIEKH :) (Team Joke)

The team ready fro the departure to regain energy for the next mission

A destroyed class room of a local school

Our French team member Pierre Joliet relaxing. He was a great support and real hard working volunteer. We feel sorry for him as he committed suicide in France couple of years back

Group photo with son of Kashmir's prime minister

something is better than nothing

Jimmy and Jahanzeb serving Iftar dinner to the team.

Happy ending after the successful operation ALLHAMDULLILAH

Freman and fire

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Mission # 2  
Chanar Kot


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