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Expedition:  2006
Date:           16th July 06 - 24th July,06


Photo Gallery    Skardu, Hushey, Sacho, Khaplo,K7 base camp, Kachura lake(Shangrila) and Satpara Lake.
The Team:          Diesel - Eddie  - Razor - Cobra - TwoTango

Lahore - Sakardu - Khaplu Via KKH:
Daily flight from Islamabad to Skardu (Air fair Rs 2500/- one way in year 2006) or NATCO bus leaves from Pir wadhari-Rawalpindi bus stand a t around 4:00 PM. We didn't get the flight because of bad weather so we drove on our own jeep all the way to Khalpu via KKH . First over night stay in Pattan (Army FWO base) or hotel in Chilas.2nd over night stay at Skardu. It is nt very safe to travel at night. Always reach at your destination before sunset.  

you need to have fanatic driver like Diesel (Nauman) to drive all the way from Lahore to Khaplu and back.

Lahore to Skardu via silk route - Clear stream falling in ruthless River Indus

FWO-(Frontier works organization) Clearing land slide at KKH 

Gigit to Skardu road

Khaplu to Hushey valley:
Khaplu is a last town before Hushey valley. Jeep track starts right after khaplu which is narrow, mudy and rough. Don not drive your own vehicle cause it can be very dangerous in rain because of mud and altitude. Hire a local jeep from Khaplu (Jeep fair Rs. ___in 2006 for both ways) and make sure you complete your all shopping in khaplu. Khaplu town is good in size and almost every thing is available there i.e. grocerry, oil, gass cylinders, batteries, food, 2nd hand tracking equipment, transport - public, local & private etc.
TDPC hotel in Khaplu is newly constructed and very beautiful, we did not stayed there but parked our jeep there for 4 days. ( room rent in year 2006 for double bed approximately Rs 1400/- to 1800/- and is negotiable).
A broken bridge at  Kanday village was  temporarily repaired by the locals, they charge Rs 500/- (both ways) per vehicle from the Pakistanis and Rs.1000/- (both ways) per vehicle from the foreighners.

TDCP hotel at Khalpu. we parked our jeep here. Its a very nice place to spend a night.

we hired this twin cab from Khaplu. Track was narrow and rough. not at all recommended to bring your own vehicle.

Jeep crossing the bridge before Kanday. Next bridge at Kanday was broken but temporarily built.

Instead of hotel we spent the night in this room at Hushey. Hotel's room were small and not clean

Hushey Village:
Hushey is the last and a very  small village with just one little hotel at the end of the valley. Rooms are small and not clean you can camp in the compound. Hotel's owner is experienced and hospitable, he can cook almost every thing. We spend the night in a mud room before the hotel. Porters are easily available. Each porters carry max. 25 kg weight (rate per porter per day was Rs.___ in year 2006). We also hired a donkey which can carry up to 75 Kg and saves money. Its a very busy track for foreigners that's why the porters are bit expensive as compare to other places. 

Breakfast- Omelet and Parathas at Hushey before trekking. girls school at the back and the only hotel after after that.We spent the in this house but got breakfast from hotel 

All set to go at Hushey valley. Porters are easily available even high altitude , but expensive

Razor- the most energetic and fun loving member. Diesel no doubt this year your fitness was much much better but be care full don't hurt your back.

Leaving Hushey- Steep descend right after the village 

Hushey to Sacho base camp trek:
Trak time is 3-4 hours.Track difficulty is bit strenuous . Leave early in the morning to prevent heat and carry good amount of water .  Though sometimes you walk along the river but the water is coming from the glacier, it is dirty and not drinkable . There are only two places from where you can refill your water bottles so keep asking the porters for the source. 
Porter's are very fast trekkers.  Ask them  to walk with other wise they will reach early at the destination and you will be without the guide and can face many problems. Be gentle and polite with them, never try to act smart or different. They are your best care takers. 

Donkey is the best companion while trekking in Pakistan.

Sacho track- 3-4 hours, difficulty moderate. water is a blessing on this track.

This is second source from where you can get water. good chilled place for rest before crossing the stream

Track is mostly rough and barren.
You need to cross few glaciers and a deserted village.

Cobra catching the breath and waitinf for others after crossing the bridge

Bridge crossing. Bara Mor can be seen in the background. Its a diversion so sty with your porter or guide to avoid wrong way.

Cobra,2Tango and Eddie having an ariel view of the base camp

2Tango realizing the importance of cold water in a hot n rocky track. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Magneficient views of Various Peaks from the Base camp:
 From the Siacho base camp you can have tremendous views of various  famous peaks Like K7 Peak, __________.


Sacho Base Camp:
It is one of the most busiest base camp of this area because it is on the descending route of Concordia K2 base camp. You get the chance to meet professional climbers, hikers and campers from all parts of the world. 
There is a proper camping site and a very small base camp hotel. Food is available there but very expensive. 1.5 liter Pepsi was Rs 200/-. we stayed there for 2 nights. Eddie and 2Tango went for a short hike towards K7 base camp. 

Evening at K7 base camp

There were other teams as well who descended from K2 base camp. There was plenty of activity at the camp.

Areal view of the base camp. Razor n Diesel can be seen at the  with their long range camera

A happy moment with a cup of tea.


Dinning camp at the Sacho base camp. An Autrain trekker enjoying the meal


Party at the Base:
At night all teams get together in the camp hotel compound for fun. They all dance and sing after the dinner.
 Its very evident from the photos that RockHawks had their good share.  

THAKURS watching desi and Gorra dance mehfil.

Cobra n Edde in full swing

dancing on the porters beat

Exhausted and bankrupt Thakkurs after the Mehfil of saroor :)

Preparation of breakfast

This is the last point we touched. Eddie and Tango for a short hike towards K7

Ariel View of the Sacho base camp


Beautiful -  photograph by Nuaman at Khaplu TDCP

Kids at Hushey

Water fall on Gilgit Skardu road


Kachura Lake (Shangrila-Skardu) 
On our way back to Lahore we spent a night at kachura lake. this is one of the most beautiful developed lake of north. hardly one hour drive from Skardu its a best place for relaxing after a tying expedition.


Satpara Lake (Skardu) 


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