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Flood Rehabilitation Project : Village Thari Walla-Shah Walli & Bastti Rindah in RajanPur District

Flood Rehabilitation Operation (December 2010) - Final Report

Completion Date:        December 2010                 Area:                    Thari Walla-Shah Walli & Bastti Rindah                     Route:            Lahore- Multan -DG.Khan - Rajanpur Air Base-Fazilpr-Mohammad pur- Thari walla
 Project Manager:     M. Atif Ali -

Survey Team: Asad, Ali, Hamid, Idrees, Hyder
Inspection Team: Amjad, Ayyaz, Sohaib, Hyder, Idrees

You  have Delivered what you Promised

Dear All,


I want to congratulate you all, on successful completion of reconstruction project in Rajanpur district. It was a great team effort of individuals and  groups with one passion in common to help the nation.

After the successful relief operations in various destroyed villages of district Layyah and Rajanpur, it was decided to start the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.  With no experience of construction, it was definitely a big challenge for all of us. Mr. Atif Ali took the responsibility as Project Manager.   After the detailed surveys and meetings with various government, private organizations and NGOs three different villages of Mohammadpur (South East of Rajanpur) i.e. Tharri Walla, Shah Walli and Bastti Rinda were selected for reconstruction and rehabilitation.

In a short period of just 90 days, with the grace of Almighty, we have achieved and delivered what we planned and promised to hundreds of people, who were forced to live a life full of tears, starvation, disease, homelessness and misery.

With your generous donations, extensive hard work, excellent coordination and above all a highly systematic approach, we have successfully reconstructed a completely destroyed village of Thari walla, reconstructed approximately 100 houses in different three villages with improved facilities and with better living standards, reconstructed/repaired mosques and schools, provided water pumps in their court yards, re-established their agriculture by providing seeds and fertilizers, provided free medical treatments and medicines, house hold items and cash donations.

 All volunteers   - worked as a team and with their devotion and smart policies also developed strong sense of brotherhood among the villagers. It is important to mention that We are the only one who actually reconstructed the houses in the district and provided homes to 100 families in such a short time. Now they all have moved back to their new houses and for sure most of them are living in an improved and organized environment with dignity and self esteem.

The poor villager lost his house in the flood but you have given him Home and a Hope - definitely you have delivered much more than what you promised.

Thank you for being there when you were needed the most.

for n behalf of
We are thankful to t Wing Commander Sarfraz Usman,  Air Vice Marshal Sohail Aman, Flt Lt. Khurram, Mr. Shahid Hussain and all volunteers for their tremendous support in all fields.

Final Report on the Project

Development Stages
Surveys & Meeting


Development Stages


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