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Ishkoman Valley- Naltar - Nomal - Gilgit

The Team: Leader-Cobra-TwoTango-Fireman-Captain Cook-Axe-Shanni
5th May to 13th May 2000

Un explained 


Defying the 

Getting together in GILGIT

Flight of the Hawks 

Lining up at the 

Little Guide
Meeran&Hyder- Last minute shopping at Gilgit

Leaving  Gilgit   

Danyor bridge

The Ishkoman Valley (NALTAR) divides the Hindu Raj, Karakorams and Hindu Kush consequently . Naltar Valley  is three hours drive from Gilgit. The dangerous rocky trek begins with a short jeep ride to beautiful, alpine valley of Naltar.  

Highway to NALTAR


Road to Nomal

Gilgit River

Jeep Track

Naltar Valley

Base Camp
at PAF base

This valley has an Air force ski center which is surrounded by flower bedecked alpine pastures, and thick pine trees.

All set to hit the Rocks.....

Good bye base camp

Way to Nalatr Lake

Ali & Sarfraz

Hyder crossing
a water fall while 
Ali navigates 

Heading towards 
thick pine forest

After exploring the Naltar Valley, 1-2 days trek to Naltar Lake, crystal clear waters of the lake mirror the surrounding peaks. A small island in the center is adding more beauty to it. 

In the middle of no where

Stopping by lush
pine woods 

Hyder Catching
the breath 

Preparing to
 move after lunch


After attacking Ali,
 now  eyeing for a 
new prey 

Naltar lake is also known as Bichgari lake (which means lake with 12 different colors) which can be easily counted. With an abstract island, 12 different shades of water  and huge mountains  the lake looks very mysterious .  


An evening in the VALLEY

Some fixing tents
while others 
collecting Fire wood & H2O 

Preparing for 
another meal

Leader caught 
after attending 
the call of nature

Ali & Yousuf fleshing up in an exotic
 washroom facility

Ali appreciating  finer things of

Camping on the lake is a compulsion.
After spending a night by the lake , cross Atti Glacier & the second lake which has less water in the spring,  the small streams with white sand give the impact of white sand beach. To cross the second lake one has to climb up three  water falls.


Another step towards Naltar Lake

Atif poses
 besides the 
winding ruthless 

Yousuf has the 
lake in sight

Last climb 

Searching Naltar Lakes

Mighty snow covered peaks
looking down 
on the lake

Then  trek to Shani, at the base of Naltarpass, the gate way to Ishkoman. Enroute to Shani one will find number of wild Yaks. They often attack, so one has to be very careful.Then cross over Naltar pass(12600 ft.) to Trang. From the top of the pass, there are beautiful views of three mountain ranges, and countless peaks in the 18000 to 21000ft range.


Heaven on Earth....The Exotic Naltar Lake

Small Island in the Lake

ewels of Naltar

Spell bound!

Multi colored

The gradual decent from Trang to Chatorkhand in Ishkoman leads one to the traditional tribe of a famous religious Pir (Saint). From Chatorkhand hire a jeep and back to Gilgit. 


Atti Glacier(name given by us after the incident with Atif)

Snow fight

Traditional Old village at Naltar Valley 

 Back to base - Dead tired 


Athough exhausted,
yet already planning
for next expedition

Good bye to
mess attendants


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