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Exploring Babusar Pass, Lulusar Lake, Lalazar, 
           Siri, Paye, Lake Saiful Malook and Naran  

22nd to 29th September 2000



 Away from the sumptuous routine breakfast, a tuna sandwich
with a hot cup of tea and luring trout for lunch 

The road snaking through the beautiful Kaghan Valley

Enjoying fried eggs and hot coffee besides the Kunhar River

Lush Green meadows at Payye

Cobra & driver repairing the broken bridge



Preparing to combat the cold & windy night

Hyder drying the equipment next morning

A blizzard greeting at Babu Sar Top

Passing through Gittidas


Cobra Catching Trout
for dinner

The ever green view of the saif ul Malook Lake and

Early preparation
for the windy night

Lullusar Lake-Looking for a
favorable diving spot :)

Trekking at Lullusar Lake

Repairing the bridge- Planks fell in the river

Putting on every cloth to  encounter rough weather.

Unexplained architecture at 14500 ft Babusar Top


2Tango,Capturing another unforgettable moment through the lens

Ali- Ariel view of track to Batakundi and Borowai

Remains of a Colonial fort
at Besal

Rocky track
 leading to Babusar Pass


Cattle grazing in the green meadows just  before Batakundi

A bird's eye view of Siri

Cobra captivated by the amazing greenery at Paeye

Blizzard at Babusar Top


The picturesque Lalaza Platue

View of the mysterious Lullusar lake

Dark clouds
 touching  ice cold water at Saif ul Malook


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