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 Photo Galleries-Expeditions 


Expedition 2010                Paragliding at Chuwa Sadin  Shah

  Chuwa Sadin Shah - Paragliding

Expedition 2008                Dudipatsar Lake



  Dudipatsar Lake
 is a beautiful lake encircled by snow clad peaks. The lake lies in the extreme north of Kaghan Valley at N35.0185 E74.0895.The deep blue Dudipat Sar, at 3,800 meters, is surrounded by green hills at about 4,800 meters, with snow patches in the shady hollows



Expedition 2007                Haramosh -Kutwal Lake

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  Haramosh Valley-Kutwal Lake
55 Km. Far from Gilgit, the road leads to “Sassi Village” where the jeep takes one and half hour to reach “Barchi” where a trek starts which takes two days to reach “Kutwal Lake.
Expedition 2006                    Sacho-K7 base camp-Hushey
  Sacho-K7 base camp-Hushey valley-Khaplu-Kachura lake
It is one of the most busiest base camp of this area because it is on the descending route of Concordia K2 base camp. You get the chance to meet professional climbers, hikers and campers from all parts of the world.......

Expedition 2005                
Part 1
POLO-The Game of Kings

photogallery_shandoor_Langer (84921 bytes)
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   Shandoor Polo Festival -Langer valley -Darkot -Yasin Valley. 
Best deal of Land cruiser. Long stretch to reach Shandoor helicopters-arrival of President of Pakistan -Fried trout fish at Langer for dinner. Stroy of Shahzada at night.Injured poloPlayer, beautiful glacier at darkot, Grave of Lalik Jan (Nishan e Haider)

Expedition 2005                
Part 2
Top of the World

photogallery_Hunza_khunjrab (116959 bytes)
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   Hunza-Sost Khunjrab -China- Karimabad
Wolf on the road, scary witch in sost, Rakaposhi & kakaposhi, highest lunch at Khunjrab, meeting with Chinese soldiers, marvelous baltit fort. Nice up of tea in karimabad
Relief & Rescue Operation 05 Earthquake Mission # 1

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Bandi Abas Pur-Kashmir 
We were all enjoying our Saturday when disaster struck at around 8:55 am on that dreadful morning of 8th October, 2005. After that moment ................ more support as the rehabilitation work is going to a lot longer then expected.
Relief & Rescue Operation 05 Earthquake Mission # 2

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  Chanar Kot-Batgram
It was Sunday October 23, 2005, when once again we were busy loading our trucks with tents, sheets, medicines, hospital setup, quilts, milk.......................have done so far we haven’t experienced failure at any point.

Expedition 2004                   
The First catch
photogallery_kalash_handraplake (74874 bytes)

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   Handrap Lake - Kafir Kalash Valley- Mastooj- Shandoor- Gupis Valley 
Finaly Tango caught his first trout at khalti lake. Walk in the grave yard in Kalash, skeletons every where, apple orchards in matooj, ancient fort and modern huts at mastooj. brokn bridge of handrap. The porter slept in the cold at night. amazing TDCP resort at Gupis.

Expedition 2003                  
Part 1
The First Move

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  Astor Valley- Rama Valley
 Rama Lake

Dangerous condition of Astor track after major earthquake, beautiful camp site Rama Valley, Bad attitude of the driver. hike to the lake, slippery rama glacier
Expedition 2003                  
Part 2
The Killer

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 Trishing - Rupal Valley 
Herligkofer Base Cam

Our most difficult and longest hiking track till 2003, beautiful colors of Rupal valley, We were dead tired and ill when reached Herilgkofer base camp, amazing stamina of koko. Unforgettable taste of pineapple on return. early morning avalanche. misterious structure in the valley, Most famous dialogue of Convey commander:)
Expedition 2003                  
Middle of No Where

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 Deosai - Sheosar Lake 
 Bara Panni - Satpara Lake

Be aware of deadly Deosai's mosquitoes. Himalayan bear watching- air force jets - Meeting & Stay at the sakardu base with the colored shoeser lake.
Expedition 2002                  
Where Eagles Dare

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   Killer Mountain Nanga Parbat Beal Valley, Fairy Meadows, Tatoo.)
We were tired but enthusiastic early morning avalanche, Mysteries of Burwandoo .....Lamb roast  in the rain at beal camp,Meadows and the wild horses..... 

Expedition 2000                  
Lost in Ishkoman

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   Naltar Lake 1&2  Nomal, Gilgit Bangla, PAF ski centre
Searching for the amazing  Lakes in Ishkoman Valley. Started from Gilgit and our base camp  was Pak Air Force Skiing center at Naltar.. Lonely Paul & Yak attack...Atif's escape from glacier....
Expedition 2000                  
Highy to Heaven

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    Kaghan, Naran Lalazar, Lake Saif-ul Malook,Lullusar lake to Babusar Top (14400ft)+ Siri, Paye...
Blizard at Babu sar Top,
One of the most dangerous jeep track of Pakistan, Trout Fishing at Jalkhat, Brooken Bridges, Kajoo's side effects.They didn't camp us at Lullusar Lake because of ...... 
Expedition 1998                  


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   Mahodand lake and Beyond mangora,ushu, kalam, Sawat
A Daring attempt to track Mahodand Lake (Kalam) to Shandoor.  Early morning swim...dangerous Quick Sand,  Green waters, Thunder Storms &  Chicken Salin....
Expedition 1994                    
Young Guns

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    Ambela Pass, Swat, Kalam,  Sadu Sharif.
Only place where we could spent the night was a Mosque.... Damaged Chevrolet, Short of Money, stuck in the valley.....
Expedition 2001                  
Family Trip

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    Nathia Gali, Mushk Puri, Meeram  Janni, Pipe Line Track, Kala Bagh.  
Every onecame up with the right kinda courage.  Encounter with Cheetah...?, Long discussions, Night Bar BQ ...and Scary Pichal Pari...

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