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 Coming Expedition 

June - August


Q1: Where and when are we going?
Ans:  Not decided Yet

2-SHIMSHALL VALLEY to Khunjrab Pass

Suggestions are welcome

June-July- August 2011 INSHALLAH

:  Tell me how can I Join you in this adventure?
Ans: You can join us by  filling this simple form

Please click on this picture to fill the form.
For more information or Please call us at following numbers    
+92-300-8450742     +92-321-4449995    +92-321-5003777

Q3: What is the itinerary (The Plan)

ITINERARY - Not decide Yet
June-July- August 2011 INSHALLAH

Q4:  What is the cost of this Adventure ?
Ans:  Rock Hawks are committed to provide thrilling and unforgettable experiences to it's members. We believe in team work and that is the driving force and main theme of our missions. The cost is calculated on an average for the entire team as per the requirement of each trip. The cost is an equal contribution for all new members and rest assured that whatever that cost is, it is definitely far less than the experience . The cost varies due to the different terrains and distances involved in each trip  which include  everything i.e. Daewoo Bus fares, common equipment, meals, jeep  traveling etc. (except personal equipment). Cost of this expedition per Person is (not decided yet)Rs./=       (approximately 20,000)
(The members will be provided with major camping equipment)

Q5:  What equipment will I get ? 
Ans:  The members will have to buy personal equipment such as 

Personal Equipment



  Sleeping Bag  Mattress

Common Equipment
  The members will be provided common camping equipment such as 

High Altitude Tent Ropes Fuel containers
Walky Talkies Water containers   Water proof Matches
Fishing rod+ spinner Emergency Flairs  Emergency Fire Cubes 
Safety Weapons saw Wind Proof Matches
Stove  Head torches Axe 
Medical kit   Compass   -   GPS Miscellaneous

Utensils (plates,  pans,t in opener etc)

Still & Video Cam  Emergency Fire Tools
Gaslamps Maps Water proof Spray
Mosquito repellant lotion (cream)Mospil Water Bottle Sun screen lotion
Rain cover    


Q6: If I will be provided with the major equipment, what else do I need?
Personal Equipment
Gear Qty priority Gear Qty priority
Hiking Boots 1 pair compulsory Swiss Knife 1 optional
T-shirts 2 compulsory Torch 1 compulsory
Sweat Shirt 1 compulsory Sun Glasses 1 compulsory
Trousers (cargo jean or Track suit lower) 2 compulsory Medicine for specific disease compulsory
Jacket (warm) no leather Jkt 1 compulsory Match Box 1 compulsory
Full sleeves sweater 1 compulsory Chap Stick 1 compulsory
Warm cap (woolen) 1 compulsory Whistle 1 compulsory
Gloves (warm) 1 pair Optional Small comb 1 optional
Leg warmers 1 Optional Tooth brush 1 compulsory
Under Wear 3 compulsory Warm wollen Socks 1 pair compulsory
Cotton Socks 3 pairs compulsory P-Cap 1 compulsory

You must  be already owning most of these items displayed above. 
Note: Please don't carry anything extra 

Q7:  Which articles I cannot  take along?
  We encourage healthy activities only and do not allow illegal Drugs and Alcoholic beverages on our trips. Illegal arms and ammunition are also not allowed.

Q8:  Can  My Profile be a part of
Yes when you become a member, Your photograph and profile will be a part of our web site.

Q9: How can I choose my Call Sign?
Once you get registered  as a Rock Hawk, just click on Call Sign link on our main page. You can choose a Call Sign from the available Call Signs and email us at or if you wish to suggest your own Call Sign, you can get it confirmed through us via email.  

Click here to choose your Call Sign

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