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Expedition:  2008
                      Photo Gallery     DudiPattsar Lake
22nd Aug 07 to 31th Aug,07                 
The Team:          Nigi - Eddie - Andy -Terry - TwoTango
The Route:          Lahore - Abbotabad - Manshera - Naran - Jalkhat -  Sassi - Dssu - skere -Manni Glacier - Kutwal village - Lake

Hail Storm arriving at Dudipatsar

Early morning photo from the eastern side of the lake

crossing the Jalkhat River - The only decent way

Rafting in the Dudipatsar

Dudiptsar lake
or Dudipat Lake is a beautiful lake encircled by snow clad peaks. The lake lies in the extreme north of Kaghan Valley at N35.0185 E74.0895. From Besal onwards the you have to trek about 6-8 hours in vast alpine meadows to reach the lake.Trek consists of at sometimes steep climb while at other places walk through huge flat valleys, but at all the time filled with amazing sights.
Abbotabad to Kaghan Road
Jeeps are available at Naran for Jalkhat

Track from Naran to Jalkhat -1:30 hrs (road was under construction)

Khaghan valley's map- installed on the road

Jalkat t- the only building

Its water is a beautiful greenish blue and very cold too. Dudipatsar is also close to another major Lake Lulusar which is the main contributory to the Kunhar river that runs through Kaghan valley. At a distance from the lake lies the Babusar Top or the Babusar Pass which is the end of 150 km long Kaghan valley.

Camp site at jalkhat- final place to arrange porters and mules. Porters are rare.

Preparing dinner

Getting ready  for early morning departure- If you see more expeditions start early to cross the river

Break fast - Omelet , bread and tea

Ready to go, Terry, Andy, Nigi, Eddi and Mr. Porter

The whole area is accessible for four months every year from June-September after which it is closed to snow.
The deep blue Dudipat Sar, at 3,800 meters, is surrounded by green hills at about 4,800 meters, with snow patches in the shady hollows. This lake is very little visited by people and its natural beauty is still very much protected

Teryy pulling the equipment from the other side of the

There were 3 more expeditions who wanted to cross it- it took us almost 2 hours to cross this river-waste of time

Terry pulling 2Tango

Terry in action

It is a dangerous exercise, the river is ruthless and rocky, be patient and care full

It is not advised to track it in snow, as there is a high probability of avalanches in the area. The lake used to have abundance of trout, but illegal fishing using dynamite and nets has resulted in a sharp decline..

Eddi, 2Tango and Andy

Andy waiting for his tern to cross the river

Track - first one hour terrain


Tourists knowing even a little about Dodopat Sar lake, would never miss an opportunity to go there. It is six to eight hours trek, but it is advisable for the trekkers to take a guide cum porter and a pony. The trek is challenging. To get to the main trek, one has to cross the river either over a snow pack by going up about a kilometer or so or on a log at Besal. Dodopat Sar lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the valley. For most of the time, the lake is covered with snow. There are a few houses of the locals around.

Need to cross the river after an hour-Very difficult , stones were very slippery and water was extremely cold-

Only chance is to help each other and cross the river bare feet. I tried sitting position because water was only knee high.

Instead of hiring lots of porters, try to hire a donkey to safe cost

hail storm

Taking shelter from the hail storm in a mosque

Enjoying home made Chicken Ginger and Dall which we got tin packed from Shadman Lahore

Drying cloths and equipment iafter the storm

For those interested in fishing, the down streams around the fake are best places for trout fishing. For spending a night or more, the tourists must have proper tents, sleeping bags and edibles. It takes about five hours from Dodopat Sar lake to reach Seral lake. Trekking between Dodopat Sar lake and Seral lake (we did not try) is neither tough nor risky. One kilometer or so down, there is a small village called Purbinar, it takes about eight hours to reach Gittidas, the last village before the Babusar Pass. If, the mountain towards north of Dodopat Sar lake is climbed, which can be easily done in three hours, on reaching the top one can see two beautiful small lakes on the other side of this mountain.

The mosque, only shelter on the way- We installed the tents inside the mosque to spend the night( because of cold and insects

Catching trout after the hail storm

A medium sized Tout

I guess this is one of the most beautiful spots in Pakistan for trout fishing

2 Tango- always ready for a good catch

Also from the top one can have a very clear glance of the Naked Mountain also called the murderous peak or the killer mountain, the "Nanga Parbat" in the Himalayan Range.
From the top one not only gets the opportunity to enjoy the soft, soothing and tranquil climate of Kaghan valley but also experience the a view of the killer mountain standing in the haunting wilderness. From the top it takes approximately eight hours to go down to Gittidas but since the trek is tough and dangerous, it is suggested to come down via Dodopat Sar lake and Purbinar village to Besal or stay back at Dodopat Sar lake for a night or two and enjoy trout fishing. (Streams around Dodopat Sar lake are considered to be the best spots for trout fishing in the Kaghan valley)



















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