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Flood Relief Operation # 2  RajanPur Districtt - Fazil Pur

Flood Relief Operation (August 2010)

Mission Date:         August 2010                 Area:                    Kottli Khudai-  Kottla Androon - Shikkar Pur                      Route:            Lahore- Head Tarimu- Layyah
The Team:      
Doctors, paramedical staff, medical specialists, and volunteers from different walks of life, organised into medical relief and humanitarian aid provision teams.


To provide relief to flood affected in an area where none or inadequate relief was accessible.

The team reached Rajanpur Fareed airbase with the help of the PAF. We are thankful to t Wing Commander Sarfraz Usman,  Air Vice Marshal Sohail Aman, Flt Lt. Khurramand M. shahid Hussain for their tremendous support in all fields. The relief cargo of about 25 tonnes consisting of foodstuffs, medicines and household items were airlifted with the help of PAF, who also assisted the team in reaching the villages of Fazilpur in Rajanpur district, namely Kotla Andaroon and Kotla Khudai villages. The team distributed food parcels, and also set up medical relief camps. Since these areas had their access routes opened a few days ago, we were the first medical and humanitarian aid they had. The team ensured exemplary crowd control, and streamlined the medical camps in a manner that all deserving patients got the requisite help and medicines.

Access to these places was done with the help of jeeps, boats and even tractor trolleys, which ensured penetration into areas which were the worst affected. These people were in the need of urgent medical aid and food supplies, which were provided to them by team members in sweltering weather conditions and epidemic disease. Each member of the team was organized according to a particular skill set, and there were no disorder or riot situations experienced. The aid distribution went off with exemplary discipline and efficiency, and relief was provided to hundreds of deserving families.


The team reached Kotla Andaroon village with the help of buses. The road was blocked, so access was gained with the help of boats and jeeps. A medical camp was set up and free medicines provided to patients. The main diseases encountered were gastric and dermatological problems. Relief to approximately three hundred deserving patients was provided.

Distribution of Food Items in Kottli Khudai- Fazil Pur

Food provisions were transported with the help of two busses to Kotla Khudai village, which had been canvassed a day earlier by members of the team as being the most affected village in the area. Access was gained with the help of tractor trollies, and a food distribution point and a medical camp were set up. In order to manage the huge crowd at the premises, entry and exit points to a contained venue were provided, so as to minimize chances of rioting and crowd control situations. In this manner, food provision was provided to approximately 700 families(2800 people) without any untoward incident.

Medical camp at Shikarpur Village
The team reached Shikarpur (dist. Rajnpur) village, where a medical camp was set up in a deserted school premises. People from many adjoining villages came to get free medical treatment and medicines, and the main diseases encountered were again gastric and skin problems, along with malaria of several types, some serious.



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